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Today I updated the app and still the problem when putting the white color in the letters, not all are painted and the same thing happens when you put the white border please correct this detail thank you. Chevere App but I would like to put more types of letters and options to bring in front send to the bottom etc.. And more options

Very satisfactory, I would improve the option to insert images to the sticker. Since these are added one on top of the other. It would be better if we users could choose which image we want to superimpose over another.

Samsung AR Emoji Stickers 2020!!!

The arrival of stickers for WhatsApp was for many a long awaited feature. With the arrival of stickers, apps to create our own sticker packs have arrived.The best part? That we can create our own sticker pack with our own photos and images absurdly easy.The easiest application to create stickers for WhatsApp.

A few days ago we told you how you could create your own sticker pack for WhatsApp. The process, although reliable and with excellent results, was perhaps a bit tedious. It was only a matter of time before applications appeared that made the process easier, and today we have tried one that we loved.

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Once we have chosen the image, we will have to draw a silhouette with the part of the image we want to use as a sticker and it will be saved in a new pack. Once we have the pack, we will click on the WhatsApp icon and it will allow us to import the pack to the messaging application.we must take into account that we will have two limits. A sticker pack will have to have a minimum of 3 stickers and a maximum of 30. It is also true that manual cropping with the finger is easy, but with it we get little precision. With PNG images with transparent background is much easier, since our mistakes in manual cutting are not appreciated so easily.Sticker Studio is a free application with ads that we recommend for all fans of the creation of stickers.Sticker Studio – Sticker Maker for WhatsApp – Download


WhatsApp continues to add a number of features that few know, for example, you can activate the messages to disappear in 24 hours, as well as use the emojis you want and even react with them; to this is added the ability to create your own stickers, from the web platform.

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However, there are rarely users who use the “dark mode” or also known as “dark theme” in WhatsApp. According to information from the same media; this is a series of reasons to never forget to activate the dark mode daily.

How to CREATE and customize STICKERS in WHATSAPP

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