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Details that were revealed were that the game console would be able to play used video games, as long as they were original, and would not require an Internet connection to be able to play. Finally, the presentation concluded with the price, which turned out to be 399 dollars, 349 books and 399 euros, which impressed in a way, considering that its competitor the Xbox One would cost 499 US dollars, 429 books and 499 euros.

It was also confirmed that February 22nd 2014 would be the official launch date of the console in Japan, at a price of 41,979 yen, and due to the delay in Japan the consoles would include the digital version of Knack.

The PS4 game console has an eight-core x86-64 x86-64 APU type microprocessor at 1.6 GHZ manufactured by AMD codenamed Liverpool, based on the Xaguar architecture. An AMD 7870 GPU[26] with a processing power of 1.84 Teraflops, which can be dedicated to different tasks other than purely graphics.[27] It also has an 8 GB unified RAM, GDDR5, with a bandwidth of 176 GB/second. [28] In late August 2013, Marc Diana, AMD’s product marketing manager, told the trade press that PS4 supports hUMA[29](heteroxenous UMA) memory access, which allows the two APU components, CPU and GPU, to access the same memory locations simultaneously, thus enabling the use of coherent cassettes. 30] AMD disavowed Diana’s statements, but did not deny them.

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter video game for the PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. All four platforms have multiplayer capability but only the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 have online play capability. The Nintendo DS is able to use multiplayer using a feature, known as multi-card play, which is a wireless local area connection that allows up to four Nintendo DS systems to connect to play together. You will need a paid Playstation Network or Xbox Live Network membership and a high-speed internet connection to play online.

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Based on what Sony has confirmed for the moment, it seems that some of the most popular franchises will be missing (e.g. Gran Turismo) but we will see plenty of classics from previous generations like Ape Escape and the Jak series, as well as PS5 games like Demon’s Souls, Returnal or Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

As part of the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription you can play these PS4 games, with the exception of the games marked with an asterisk (*), which are exclusive to Premium as they are considered part of the Classics catalog:

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As part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription you can play these PS1 games, which feature a “new user interface” that will allow you to save anywhere and rewind certain titles:

As part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription you can play these PSP games, which feature a “new user interface” that will allow you to save anywhere and rewind certain titles:

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The good thing is that PS Now can also be played from PC, not only from a PS4, being able to enjoy more than 600 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games. Here you have a guide with all the steps to follow to play on PC.

To install it will not have to do anything unusual, just follow the guidelines of the installer (no matter the path we put, although by default it takes “Program Files”) and if we want a shortcut on the desktop. Just before the end, yes, we must give permission to install additional software, the Wireless controller for PlayStation 3. And PS Now will be installed on the PC.

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You’ve probably wondered what the differences are between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, because although both are two PlayStation Network services (the network that encompasses our account and all services on PlayStation) that are governed by a monthly or annual subscription, they are actually two different things.

Assuming that we already have a PlayStation Network account, the other prerequisite, we will only need to see if we meet the requirements to play from a PC. Because even if it is in streaming, a minimum of power will be needed. And logically, a good stable Internet connection.

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