Crear only fans

Crear only fans

How to repair a 3-speed fan

There is not much difference between a normal fan and a Slim fan, at least apparently. Conventional fans that we mount in our cases, heatsinks or liquid cooling systems usually have a width of 25mm, low profile fans like this one have a width of 15mm, practically half.

The rest of the physical measures remain the same so they are compatible with mounting in cases and cooling systems, but we must be clear that the smaller thickness of the frame may force us to modify, for example, the fixing screws to our liquid cooling system. Nothing that should scare us, but something we should be clear about.

Among its specifications we can see a wide range of working frequencies, between 300 and 2100rpm, allowing us to adjust it to the detail of our fan needs and / or noise. If it is far from other latest generation fans, with blades 10mm wider, is that the static pressure is only 1.45mm/H2O and the airflow is also lower, with about 42CFM at maximum rotation speed. On the other hand, the noise in this model is very controlled, with 30dBA of noise at its maximum rotation speed capacity.

How to circulate air in a room

Indeed, that aggressive mesh front and sleek front styling with glass sides and top PSU mount represents a 360o turn to what we had seen. Plus, it will come packed with RGB, with 5 fans, two of them debuting the 180mm format.    Even with all these aesthetic changes, the essence of the brand in terms of high capacity and versatility mounts remains intact, shall we see it?

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This time we will take the opportunity to analyze along with the chassis Fractal Design DynamicX2 GP-18 PWM fans, a version without RGB lighting specific to some chassis of the brand as this one today.

And being Fractal, we always expect that when we open the product box we will find some extras included, and indeed we do. In the first instance we have a box for fan adapters on the front and another for screws. Just below will be the chassis placed on two white cork molds and wrapped in a plastic bag.

At least that’s what the Fractal Design Torrent inspires us when we are in front of it with an incredible and aggressive mesh-like front that will let us see the big fans installed on it. The build quality does not go down a notch and we have a robust metal chassis with thick plastic casings both in front and top area.

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My fan will not start by itself

6. thinking that it is the fan is made the change of place of this damaged fan that is to say originally it was in the slot 4, and I change it to the 3 to restart the server and to check if it shows us an alert with the fan 3. indeed it shows us the problem with the fan 3.

6. Thinking that it is the fan, we change the location of said damaged fan, that is, it was originally in slot 4, and I change it to slot 3 to restart the server and check if it shows us an alert with fan 3. shows the problem with fan 3.

Good afternoon, thank you very much for replying, I have indeed reviewed the server manual but there is no clear procedure or solution to the problem. unfortunately I still do not know what to do, thanks a lot.

How to fix a fan that won’t turn on

Whether the blades won’t turn or the fan is making a lot of noise, most problems with an electric fan are due to poor lubrication or blockages in the vent. To fix most problems, disassemble the fan, lubricate the center pin and bearings, and clean the vent and motor housing. Repair can be difficult if the problem has to do with the motor itself, which may be dead if the fan makes no noise when turned on and the blades do not rotate at all after cleaning and lubricating the pin. Since electric fans tend to be inexpensive, it’s usually not worth bothering to try to repair the motor yourself and you should consider buying a new one.

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